dandelion wishes

♡ the dandelion wishes collection ♡

dandelion wishes by the Enchanted wardrobe
dandelion wishes is a clothing line I designed for my oldest, fun loving daughter, Bridget. She loves to run from one dandelion to the next when we are at the park.

Starting as a young child I have always had a fun imagination.  My hope in designing children’s clothing is to help them express some of that creative imagination in what they choose to wear and to make them feel like the UNIQUE, ROYAL and ONE OF A KIND individuals they are.

I have always had a love of fashion and my two children have reminded me of that child like creativity and have been the inspiration for all my designs.


Let's face it, kids outgrow their clothes at an astronomical rate! Join our Facebook Resale Group here, to clothe your little one in our exclusive boutique brand, dandelion wishes, at a fraction of the retail cost!

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