Almost one year later!

I am often amazed by the journey that led to the Enchanted Wardrobe. A year ago, our family was involved in a medical emergency, with the birth of my second daughter. I left my Fortune 100 career and was inspired to create additional income for our family.  I decided to create a Facebook group, now a widely popular concept across social media.  At first, we sold casual, "play clothes", now all too commonplace online.  Near the beginning, I created a summer outfit.  The style was a hit and many of our customers were willing to wait months while our "pre-order" spaces were filled. The outfit became a huge success and had people asking what my next, custom design would be.

With no formal training, but a very successful start, I realized that I could learn.  I wanted to create high quality clothing, and not just play clothes, and the dandelion wishes collection began.  There has been an evolution of style as I settled into my comfort zone.

My designs are inspired by two things.

Growing up, my family had a passion for antiques, vintage and retro items, especially furniture, linens, and pottery.  I frequently visited antique stores and estate sales with my parents, and developed an appreciation for all things antique and vintage.  Antique artwork and garments inspire me...there is something fabulous about taking something old and making it new again. 

Secondly, since they are children, I wanted to create clothing that was comfortable.  There is not enough time to hassle with "scratchy dresses", or impractical styles, especially for special occasions like family pictures, Easter, and weddings.  We want to enjoy the little moments with them, but little is the enjoyment when they are not in comfortable clothing.  Because of this, I use only the softest brushed stretch cotton. It is hard to imagine to us "older people" that our girls will only be little once.  They will grow out of the ruffles, lace and tulle.  It's important to appreciate every second of their childhood, as one day it will be missed.  

I can not describe in words our appreciation for our loyal Facebook customers, who have shared our business with friends and family, adding them to our group, and recommending us.  Without them, the Enchanted Wardrobe would not have begun.

We are excited to be represented in the spring of 2018 by 11 brand reps in the United States. 

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